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Riffing off of iamscottasus' velcro mud cover for the ejection port and Holescreek's versatile, el-cheapo brass catcher, I made a velcro brass catcher and cover.

It's a scary black color so it's tactical and soon to be outlawed (it's so scary).

Some pics (notes below):

El-Cheapo Brass Catcher
Bag Fashion accessory

Apply Velcro Tape 1
Bumper Technology Automotive exterior Electronic device Gadget

Apply Velcro Tape 2
Bumper Airsoft Games

Apply Velcro Tape 3

Ejection Port Cover as a Piece of Velcro Tape
Airsoft gun

A Place to Stick the Ejection Port Cover while in-use
Technology Electronic device Gadget

Cut Off the Wire Strap from Catcher
Hand Jeans

Holding a Tactical Brass Catcher with 20 Dummy Rounds
Gun Handgun holster Airsoft gun Gun accessory Trigger

Some notes:

1) I avoided putting velcro tape on the lower's seams in case I ever have to crack open the lower to adjust the trigger machinery.

2) I put the prickly spines velcro half on the lower bc they're easier to clean than the fluffy cotton velcro half.

3) I put 2 strips of extra velcro on the right side of the lower to stick the mud cover to when in use.

4) I ended up putting velcro tape on the short edges of the catcher's rectangle. I was surprised that just these two sticking points was enough to hold the catcher to the lower even with some dummy rounds in the bag.

I suppose I could use the velcro strap I cut off the brass catcher as the cover. It looks better than the film velcro half I initially cut.
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