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Discussion in 'P-3AT' started by Wlfman40, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Wlfman40

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    Oct 1, 2009
    I see all the talk of the lasers for the p3at, CT vs Armalaser and to have one or not. Personally I am not a big fan of the laser as I can get on target fairly quickly even with the "minimal sights" of the p3at as some have put it. I was actually at the range and getting a head-ache watching some guy with a laser in lane next to me. I watched as that little dot bounced all over the place and I think he did more manipulation of the gun with the laser than if he would have just aquired a regular sight picture. Plus I personally only see one tactical advantage of a laser and that is shooting from behind cover. As a defense of life scenario I would be behind cover as quickly as I could but not shooting from it shoot out style. Anyway my topic or question is how many people would use a tac-light for the p3at. I have one that fits onto my glock via the rails and I love it at night when light is low I don't have to hold a flashlight in my hand as well as my firearm. Am I crazy in wishing for something that could go on the p3. I mean at least for me a light on the front of a gun to see the target is more important than seeing a dot I think is on target(since everyone always cites low light/visibility as a plus for laser). I am thinking the CT set up with a cell phone flash size light. I was testing the flash on my blackberry at night and it is extremely bright. I turned off the lights in the house and turned on the video camera function which allows the light to stay on, and walked around the house. I was able to see pretty well not to mention staring into the light is blinding. I recommend trying this and you will see how right I am. By using such a small yet blinding light you allow this option to be placed into the CT grip set up and onto the p3at without adding extra bulk and weight. I don't know maybe it's just me and I am crazy for thinking of such things but let me know. Interested in other's opinions
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    Interesting concept and I can see some use for it, I guess.  Personally, if I am dressed I have my small Maglight (with LED and tail-switch conversions) on my belt, on the offhand side - even when I can't carry a firearm. It isn't exactly a tac-light but it works pretty well and batteries are cheap, plentiful and easy to find (you can even get the batteries at some convenience stores.)  I periodically practice 'night shooting' with my carry firearms.  I hold the maglight in my off/support hand while firing.  I'm not going to win any sharpshooting tournaments like that (heck, I'm not going to win any sharpshooting tournaments, anyway) but from ten yards I can keep my shots COM on a silhouette target.  I have to say, though, that using the P3AT in this manner is not easy.  Of my carry rotation, the five-shot .38 snub works best with this method.

    I do have a pressure-switch operated light on my HD shotgun (which I think is a little different situation) and could see the utility of a light on a full-size HD pistol but I'm not so sure about a light on a 'pocket pistol'.  My hesitation would be that in order to illuminate something (as in to determine if it is something you need to shoot or not) you have to cover it with the muzzle of the firearm - breaking one of the cardinal rules of firearms safety (not pointing the muzzle at anything you aren't sure you are willing to destroy.)  I would think that this would be especially troublesome in a situation where one might already be 'jumpy'.

    For myself, the P3AT isn't something I would grab at night for HD unless there is a full-on invasion and all of my other HD/SD weapons are already empty.  Therefore, the only time I would be likely to have to use the P3AT at night in an SD situation would be when away from home.  In such a less 'controlled environment', I don't want to be swinging the muzzle of a firearm around just to see what is around me or if (for instance) that figure in the darkness is a 'bad guy' or a cop responding to the scene.  I don't have a laser on my P3AT, either, but to me the utility of a laser would be for quick fine-tuning of your aim on an already known target.

  3. Checker4Tix

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    Aug 6, 2007
    I'm not a fan of lasers. I spend more time hunting for the little red dot than anything else. I prefer to use my sights.

    As for a TAC light on a P3AT. Nope, not for me. I've more or less resolved to myself that my P3AT is a last ditch pistol. Most likely if I need it, my left hand will be on the BG pushing him away as my right hand pushes the pistol into his ear.

    Not really, of course. But the P3AT is an up close and personal weapon. If you can't see them already, your done. And if you are going to clear a room, you need more gun.
  4. DaveTec

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    Oct 16, 2009
    I vote no way for the following reasons:
    Holstering options just got MUCH harder
    Concealment just got that much harder
    Where in the heck would you mount it? Activate it?

    The beauty of this tiny gun is it's diminuative size. The reason I like my CT laser is that it adds nearly zero bulk or weight to the gun. It also is indispensible in low light situations. I can actually use it to light my way in zero light conditions. It is Bright!

    I have a 130 lumen streamlight mounted on my M&P40 and trying to find a holster has been a PITA!

  5. JB

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    I think that the OP's intent was that the theoretical light use something like a single LED or similar bulb (probably something like is what is in those really bright 'Photon' keychain lights or whatever it is they are called) and be housed in a setup like the CT laser - possibly even the exact, same housing. It would be the same bulk as a CT laser, would mount the same way as a CT laser and (if, say, CT made it using the same housing as their lasers) would fit the same holsters as P3ATs with CT lasers fit. It would simply be a light instead of a laser.
  6. Wlfman40

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    Oct 1, 2009
    Thanks JB for clearing that up, that is exactly what I meant, same package as CT. I used the cell phone flash(bulbs) as an example they are super small and super bright keeping down bulk, and if in same CT package then holsters already exist. As I said I have a larger gun so no I didnt neccessarily intend on clearing the house with it, nor did I intend to use the light as a search light with it pointed indiscriminately at targets. If this hypothetical light were the exact same as the CT then with the gun canted towards the ground the glow would be sufficient. Like I said it may be just me who would find this useful. I know a few times sitting on the couch at night and hearing something outside or seeing the dogs alert usually I had my p3at already on me. What I do is go look around, usually this isn't enough to make me go prepare for zombie attacks and grab the biggest gun I have I just want to casually check it out, being that I usually have the p3at on me it would be nice to have a light in a small package already there. It is also less noticable to the neighbors then having a large frame pistol on me if I were to take it outside unholstered. The argument for the P3at is that you always have it on you cuz it is so concealable well the light is just another tool I think would be useful
  7. CJP32

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    Jul 24, 2008
    If I had to pick between a CT laser and a light as the OP described, I would go for the light.
    I do still think a hand held "tac light" is a better option. They are very bright and will blind someone in low light conditions. Also you can move the light around more making it harder for a BG to know exactly where you are. You can also use some lights as a striking weapon. The downside of a hand held light would be less support of your weapon and you wouldn't have your off have to open doors and such.

  8. kt4me

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    Feb 9, 2006
    I have two P-3AT's one with and one without the CT laser. I also have fitted pocket holsters for both and normally carry front right pocket. In reality I find myself mostly carrying the one without the laser and reserving the one with as a novelty for the range for freinds to play with.

    As for a light, one problem I have is the same as with the laser ... instant on. The 3AT is a self-defense weapon, you are not going to be going in and clearing buildings with a 3AT as your primary. If you have time to plan that (and reason to do it), you will also plan to have a bigger weapon. I have both a Beretta Vertec and a modified PLR-16 that have lights and could be used. The 3AT is more draw when the chips are down. With the CT laser, as soon as you grip the gun the laser comes on, I see the same type of instant activation as the only reasonable way to do a light. The problem is that this does not give you a stealth choice in drawing your weapon. As it leave the holster with a laser or a light blasting, the fact that you are in mid-draw is obvious and any element of surprise you are counting on is lost. As the 3At is pretty much point and shoot without using the sites anyway, usually from only a few feet away, I generally feel that I am better off just using trained instinct, even in the dark.
  9. james__12345

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    Dec 7, 2009
    I also carry a mini maglite with the push button and led upgrade kit, another thing i have done is added a string wrap handle (i'll post a picture later).  Long story short, the string goes over your ring and middle finger and allows you to use your hand with out setting your light down/dropping it.  A small like that that is a great thing to have on you all the time.  Also, with a little very basic training, that light can be used as a weapon itself.  Look up kubotan techniques on youtube and you'll see some of the stuff i'm talking about. All that being said, it does sound like an interesting idea. It would seem to me that you could work several bulbs into something that size, which could be suprizingly bright to those not familiar with what LEDs can do these days. And as has already been said, any size issues would be resolved by packing it in the same housing as an existing laser sight. I like the idea though.
  10. Colossal_Uprising

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    Dec 3, 2009
    adding a tac light to a kel tec is like adding an LCD television to a yugo.

    Sure you could do it, but why?

    Now the laser actually has a practical application for defense outside of aiming. I had a guy break into my house in Florida and I stopped him dead in his tracks without firing a shot with my laser. He knew exactly what I had on him as I brought it across his eyes and stopped on his chest.
  11. manofpeas

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    Dec 8, 2009
    I just glued a laser pointer and a flashlight to either side. Seems to work well. Pocket carry isn't really an option, anymore, though...
  12. james__12345

    james__12345 New Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    The pictures of my maglite as promised
  13. Wlfman40

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    Oct 1, 2009
    How does that led bulb on those mini mags fare? I was thinkin bout gettin it but didn't think on such a small package it would make that big of difference
  14. james__12345

    james__12345 New Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    You lose your focusing ability, but in this size light, thats not THAT useful anyway.  Haven't had the old bulb in for a while, but if if my memory serves me right, the LED has a larger "shine area" at close range, but the brightness suffers a little at distance.  However, the stock bulb isn't all that bright for very far either.  I think the LED gives a much more consistant coverage in the area it shines, and I like the color of the light better.  Battery life is AMAZING with the LED compared to the regular bulb.  One thing that needs to be done with the push button addition is that the part the bulb goes in needs to be shimmed.  The light in factory condition turns on and off by twisting the bell.  With the push button switch that feature needs to stay ON otherwise you have to do two things to turn the light on.  If anyone needs it, I can post a picture showing exactly where that is, but its pretty easy to figure out if you just play around with it a little.  The kit including both of them is about 10 bucks.  I had an ace hardware order them for me.  I think walmart had just the led kit for sale back in sporting goods the other day for about 6.  Keep in mind this is NOT the factory light with an LED bulb.  They make a factory LED mini mag now, thats not what this is.  This is an aftermarket kit from Nite Ize.  It has three traditional looking led bulbs.  The factory LED only has one bulb, but its a different type.  I have no experience with those, I've only saw them in the store.  I will try to get the old bulb back in and get some pictures showing the difference, if I can.  Not sure how that will work though. Long story short, for using it to see where you're walking in the dark and that type of thing the LED is MUCH better than the regular bulb, if you want to really push the distance range of this size light, you may be better with the regular bulb.