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Our buddy, Matt from OHUB LABS recently met up with Joe from Dakota Tactical, makers of some of the finest HK-pattern roller-locks in the United States, for a day full of shooting some select-fire burp guns.

Joe brought along a classic MP5-pattern D54 in 9mm, its 10mm big brother, a .45ACP HK UMP, and, for those looking for something larger than pistol caliber, there is the D300-- a super cool gun based on the legendary HK53.

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In all of the below, Joe is confronted with hostile watermelons and jugs of sketchy liquid and responds in kind. It's all recorded in glorious slow motion video using the edgertronic high-speed camera.

In this clip, Joe shoots a 9x19mm, MP5-pattern D54 in full auto and engages a hostile watermelon. Dat FDE doe.
In this clip, Joe shoots a 10mm, MP5/10-pattern D54/10 in full auto and takes down a water jug and a watermelon
Joe shoots the HK UMP 45 in full auto and engages a hostile watermelon
D300 (a super-cool roller-lock based on the HK53)
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