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So I have just about finished setting up my Sub2K Gen1. I've got some typical add-ons and mods: typical buffer cover, buttstock extension, aluminum trigger, slip-on monogrip, folding metal rear sight, cut-out handguard for a low-profile picatinny rail and red dot, forward white light and a single point sling with attachment just behind the pistol grip. I own a hex screw set, and will install it soon.

What I need is a folding front sight. As the red dot is very reliable and accurate (and seems to hold zero fairly well), this doesn't need to be a super awesome, windage- and elevation-adjustable piece of gunsmithing art. Instead, perhaps just a folding blade that can be flipped up to center my rear sight in the event that the red dot goes down. Now, I'd like it to be durable enough that it won't readily bend anytime I stow the gun.

Has anyone built their own folding front sight? I'm thinking of modding the stock Gen1 front sight by fashioning a durable steel blade that can pivot up when needed. When down, I'll have a clear field of view through my red dot.

This gun is a fun range toy. I don't use it to defend hearth and home. My wife likes shooting it, I enjoy that it uses my Glock mags, and I did set it up to be practical. But It is not a critical piece of equipment.


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