Sub2000s at the Lucas Oil PCC Championship

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    Aug 30, 2016
    Having shot and then run a stage at the Lucas Oil PCC Championship, you might be interested to know that the two platforms with no reliability issues were the Sub2000 and the Russian AKs. Granted, each only had 5 or so of each in the match of over 200 competitors. The top 10 had 6 AR9s (top 3, 7, 9, 10) and 4 MPXs. There were a handful of Berettas and JR Carbines, two MP5s and two CZs. AR9s were dominant (with the MPX a distant 2nd), but with all the lowers, that group can be segmented as well. The QC10 lowers were the most trouble free.

    Squibs, case separations, detonations in the upper receiver were present, and a LOT of magazine issues. 3D printed couplers on all kinds of mags were responsible for most of the feeding issues in AR9s and MPXs.

    Taylor Freelance basepads (making 41 and 27 rounds mags) and TTI basepads (making 36 and 23 round mags) ran almost perfectly. On some lowers, there was a need to download the 41s to 39 to get 100% reliability. Robin (Taylor Freelance) is working on +20 pads that should be ready in a few months.

    The Sub2000s just ran like sewing machines and their shorter length and lightweight seemed to give an advantage in speed. However, no top skill shooters ran one. Most were using a reflex sight like a Vortex Venom or a Burris FastFire and all but one were 9mm Glock mag. One was a .40 Glock mag.
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    Jul 22, 2017
    No top skill shooters ran one because "they are junk" or so im told by people with $1,000+ ARs that jam frequently ;)
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    Dec 28, 2012
    I have a gen 2 glock mag version. No issues with firing thousands of rounds. Only issued id my front sight is tiltrd to the right a bit. Will have to call keltec to get the updates front post. Other than that, it goes bang every pull, rapid fire, slow pull, you name it. Also have an ATI milsport 9mm AR with no issues at all! Neither gun you would say is a high end buy, but works for me every time!!!!

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    I own 2 PSA AR9's. Very limited on the range time so far. Guess what? NO FEED RAMP!!! I need to remedy that.
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    I have only 300 or 400 rounds though mine and eats everything I give it but Ruger 80gr ARX +P ammo. The 80 grain ARX either smoke stacks or tries to stuff the empty back into the chamber in a double feed usually wadding up the empty case in the process. It acts to me like it needs a lighter recoil spring as the brass it does eject falls right next to me. This, to me, is common problem with light for the caliber bullets in 9mm pistols.

    I was shooting Magtech 158 gr 9mm Flat Nosed FMJ's and the Sub 2000 was tying ever bundle. I was trying the 158 gr in the Sub 2000 and a Bersa BP9CC that is really partial to heavy ammo. Standard pressure Remington 147Gr Golden Sabers are standard fare for the BP9CC. I am trying other heavy bullets as I find them.

    A 9mm with heavy bullets is a different gun.

    If Sub 2000's are so sorry why did folks give double the MSRP for the for so long a time.

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