Sub 2000 sights too low

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    Doing it right

    Yes sir, I had the same experience with my S2K - the factory sights are too low. My solution: I mounted an EOTech on a riser, and now enjoy a cheek weld that is comfortable & repeatable. My S2K no longer folds all the way in half, and I don't care... it's factory sights are for emergency back up use only.

    EDIT: I didn't care for the Midwest Industries mount, and the offset mount I fabricated wasn't ready for prime-time either. The EOTech on a riser is the perfect sighting solution for me - YRMV.

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    IMO all it really needs is a ghost ring which is what you basically gave it. Yes a larger peep will be significantly faster. It'll also be better in dim light. The trade off? A small peep brings things into better focus for eyes that have issues. There might also be a slight degradation of sighting accuracy, but for a short range gun I don't think that's worth considering.

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    The simple fix here is to simply raise the gun up on your shoulder and rotate it slightly into your line of sight.

    This is pretty easy to do and is the same thing you do with an AR.

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    Aug 14, 2016
    I'm with you... these issues with the sights not being tall enough or the inability to use a red dot sight and fold the gun should be part of a factory engineered solution. Kel Tec made logical improvements going from Gen1 to Gen2 to address the evolving tastes and desires of the market place but they stopped too short and also cut some mind boggling corners (the buffer tube cap being glued on!? c'mon). While I like to see a healthy aftermarket I'm also pretty unwilling to pay $150 for a new forearm on a $400 gun just so I can use a RDS, or $43.50 for a "hand guard stabilizer" so I can accurately use a RDS with the factory forearm.
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    Feb 25, 2020
    I'm currently dealing with this issue and sighting issues, I'm also a new shooter but I just found m carbo makes taller rear sights. Not much taller though

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    As was stated earlier, simply raise the toe of the buttstock higher into your shoulder pocket, and get a proper stock weld under your cheek bone. Lazy shouldering of the carbine does not work with the Sub 2000. Is what it is.
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    Apr 5, 2020
    As a newbie here posting this is not my first visit to this site over the years. I am an owner of a Gen1. For years I have watched some innovative techniques and owners beating themselves to death trying to invent the wheel here. From sighting, shrouds, and stocks there are some really imaginative people. The weird thing about this is that this is not what the weapons were built for.

    This to me is the bug out weapon, not my MBR (Main Battle Rifle). This weapon is barely effective at 100 yds unless you are a whiz at KY Windage. The 9mm Luger peaks at 35 yds and at by 50 yds your rounds are starting a death spiral. General rule of thumb would be 25 yds go center mass, 50 yds go for the throat, 75 yds a head shot, and 100 yds part the hair on their head! You have an approximate round drop of 10 inches at 100 yards.

    I imagine this has been posted before over the years by other keen observers. This is the get my [email protected]@ Home GUN! I am not engaging with this weapon, nor really intending to save lives other than my own. I am not holding the hill with a 9mm carbine nor manning a snipers nest with this. Now since I am not intending to engage targets at 100 yds, and yes, I will be running like the hounds were on my tail, there is a sighting problem with this weapon there is a very simple hack.

    Anyone with military experience will notice this by looking at the rear peep sight, The narrow aperture is suited for a long distance engagement as if you have all day to watch your target. You Do Not. Remember your target at walking pace is 3 Ft a second, and if running it is a guess.

    The hack for this is totally free. Compare that rear sight to the M16A2. Now go to the garage, shed, work room and get your drill. Since these cheap sights are from a really crappy mold find the lowest bit that does not pass through the peep hole. Run the bit through the hole. Wash, Rinse and repeat with the next two size bits. Voila' you have a sight that is now easy to acquire a target and Zero the weapon.

    If you are still having an issue with sight picture, get yourself some gaffer tape for the buffer tube. Since few have heard of gaffer tape let me explain. It is a tape much like duct/duck tape that does not leave behind it's adhesive when removed. Run your strip of tape and then place on top of that some double sided tape. Go to the hardware store and buy yourself and nice piece of pipe insulation. Trim out the area for the charging handle and channel (I trimmed it when I played with this to cover just half the tube) and placed another piece of the gaffer tape over the insulation for sweat and skin oil and secure the ends with the tape or zip ties. The carbine will still fold in half and secure.

    This was a lot cheaper than a $70 peep sight and more effective for me at least. Sorry MCarbo.
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    Mar 4, 2020
    I understand your frustration brother and I felt exactly like you did when I first got my sub. I knew immediately that I was going to have to add a red dot. Then came the time to decide between cowitness or lower 1/3. I decided on cowitness because this is what works for me. Now It feels very natural for me getting on target by cowitnessing or by passing my back rear sight and getting on target with just my red dot. If red dot fails I can just use front and rear with the same confidence. After using a bore sighter I have a lot more confidence in getting on target. Especially on the inside of 50 yards. I believe it want take you long to find what works you. Welcome and there is lots of help out here. Stay safe.
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    Jul 16, 2020
    Enjoyed your commentary, which I think is right on target. Like you, I'm a newbie from Sweet Home Alabama with a new Sub-2000 to play with and just wanna get (and stay) right here where the skies are blue.

    I am reminded of the saying about how the only use for a pistol is to get back to the rifle you never should have left behind in the first place.
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    Jan 16, 2020
    I agree with Jinkster. Get a Grip!! ( Feb. 2, 2017 ) I had my Father help me as a WW2 Vet. Grab the forestock as close as possible the the Trigger, palm of the Left hand Centered on the Bottom of the "Barrel", wrist compressing the trigger guard, and index finger pointing forward, also centered on the bottom of the barrel. Keep the Left elbow tucked into the body, and swivel like a turret on a tank from the hips/waist. I am right handed. I had an IDPA match July 18, 2020, and my Feyachi ( Cheap ) red/green dot never made it to the end. ( 150 ) rounds. I will practice more. I also have ordered a taller A2 post from Windom Weaponry, and extra rear sights from Kel-Tec. I will modify the rear sights by cutting, lengthening, and epoxying and try different heights and peep holes. Happy Shooting.
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    Dec 27, 2019

    Fully engaging the stock with the shoulder forces me into an awkward position for achieving a satisfactory cheek weld. I now use a raised sighting technique where only the foot of the S2K stock is engaged with my shoulder. The foot of the stock is pulled firmly into the little hollow between where the humerus and clavicle appear to join.

    I made 2 mods
    1. I opened the aperture sight to 0.170". I have a spare rear sight just in case I want to go back to the factory version.
    2. I put a wrap of electrical tape between the receiver tube and stock. That's all it took to stop the infamous S2K cheek pinch.

    Bottom line is I kept the mods/add-on's to a minimum and found a way to work with the S2K.
  12. SubGun13C

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    Apr 5, 2020
    SUB2000 Aluminum Forend with Picatinny Rails.
    I have been waiting a long time for these to be available again. I have a Gen1 and after playing with foldable forend grips and being military paranoid about easy cleaning of barrel outsides they were available last night on keltec. Actually they had not had this item since March when I started looking. I think Gen1 users should seriously consider this add on. Especially since if you want to trade in or up to something else, these have doubled in value. When I bought mine they were $300 now the Gen 2 is retailing way higher. Yeah its a $100 add on but as far as gripping, it is more natural in the hand than the rectangle handguard.