Sub-2000 recoil pad

Discussion in 'Sub9 and Sub2000 Rifles' started by Art Davis, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Art Davis

    Art Davis Member

    Dec 12, 2018
    After reading several posts about recoil and the need for a pad, I fabricated one from 1/2-inch industrial floor pad. This is a fairly stiff foam that you can walk on. I traced the buttstock pattern out on the foam allowing for the folded front sight and cut it out with an exacto knife. I used self-sticking industrial strength Velcro to attach it. Haven't tried it yet, but should help.
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  2. Dubar

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    Oct 5, 2018
    I think as long as you cover up that waffle pattern on the rear of the stock almost anything will work. I bought an ATI rubber recoil pad and it seems to work well (for the price I paid it should!).

    I have a bunch of 3/8" thick anti-fatigue matting I could have used (got it at Lowes) but didn't want to glue anything to my gun. The ATI pad slips on. There's photos of it in the photo section of this sub-forum here, about 1/2 way down the page:
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