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Discussion in 'Sub9 and Sub2000 Rifles' started by Fur*man, Apr 15, 2018 at 10:05 PM.

  1. Fur*man

    Fur*man Member

    Apr 11, 2018
    New sub 2000 owner and starting to mod it out. Going thru the sub porn page there was a mention of a DIY for making the rear site to fold down. Is there still a how to page? I can’t find anything. Thanks in advance
  2. dred

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    Feb 10, 2018
    Gulf Coast Texas

  3. 850sub

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    Nov 7, 2012
    Check the FAQ
    I used a razor blade...
  4. Fur*man

    Fur*man Member

    Apr 11, 2018
    Thanks for the thread link! I used a box cutter and it just took a minute and worked slick.
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