Sub-2000 for sale or trade

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    Mar 17, 2010
    Sub-2000 in .40s&w. Purchased new 07/09. Around 400 rounds through it. Had a few FTE's in the first couple hundred rounds and has been good since. Have original box,paperwork,sight tool and reciept. With original 10 round mag - $300. With 4 KCI 15 round (Glock 22) mags - $340.

    I'm in Greenville South Carolina and would prefer face to face sale. I will ship it, but of course buyer pays shipping costs and any transfer fees. Will only ship to another FFL.

    PM with any questions. Thanks!

    7/31/10 - Thanks for the shipping info. I keep forgeting it's a rifle, it's so small. I just listed it on and have dropped the price to $280, $320 with all the mags. Thanks.

    8/20/10 - It's still here! My intention was to sell this to finance a P3AT or LCP, so I will consider trades for same. I'll also consider a J frame Smith or Ruger LCR. Also in FTF sale...make me an offer!
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    Re: Sub-2000 for sale

    If you move to Northern California, I'll take it.  :'(
    -sorry, couldn't help myself.

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    Re: Sub-2000 for sale

    Sorry not wishin to buy, just clarify. You do not have to ship through an FFL your end. You can ship through USPS (it's a rifle) or UPS as long s you are shipping to an FFL. There only has to be one (the receiving end) FFL involved in a transfer.
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    Mar 17, 2010
    Re: Sub-2000 for sale

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    Re: Sub-2000 for sale

    Dang!  Just over the line.  Let me know if you move to NC.