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Sub 200 - 9m/m Glock 17

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OK, up until now I've only had one Kel-Tec in my collection, a P3AT. Yesterday, I was able to acquire a Sub 2000 9m/m Glock 17 version. I had initially wanted the Glock 19 version, since I already had a couple Glock 19 magazines, but was unable too.

With that said I installed a cheap UTG finger groove vertical grip and took it out to my little 65 yard range here at my home and ran some PMC Bronze through it. I had a couple gallon milk jugs filled with water and a small empty Freon jug. I ran about 35 rounds through it without issue and was impressed at the out of the box accuracy at roughly 25 yards. Hits were scored with the first shot at each target, then multiple ones after that.

I have read articles, and watched u-tube videos both good, and expunging the faults of the Sub 2000 in 9m/m. Time will tell if mine will develop any issues or if it will keep on truckin' like my P3AT has done.

I would like to add a two point nylon sling to it but do not really know where to find the proper type of swivel. I saw a few pictures of one added to the rear sight area but am not sure how that was accomplished. I am also interested in knowing the names and a few details about any additional add on equipment that would make this little jewel more useful. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks for any help that anyone would like to share.

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The factory offers a sling and mount that attaches near the rear sight. Cheap too!
We have a huge, well done FAQ area that should answer all your questions.

Have you checked it out?

SUB 2000 FAQ's
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I am curious as to how these Sub 2000's over time will hold up when 9m/m +P or +P+ is used in them. And also if occasional use with 9m/m sub-machine gun rounds would damage them.
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