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SU Bolt Problem

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Three range sessions in a row now my bolt has seperated due to the two bolts loisening. First I just tightened them, then tried locktite and it still came loose. I have just disassembled it and put it back together with locktite again and hope it holds. Is there anything else i could do if it happens again?
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I'd probably clean the bolt halves and screws very well and then Loctite them. Oil in the threads could be preventing the blue Loctite from getting a good grip. Don't forget to oil the bolt after assembly to prevent rust.

Is your buffer in good shape? My SU-22 has seen a lot of rounds in the last two years and the buffer is still like new and the only time the bolt halves were separated was to replace a broken firing pin. If the bolt hits one side of the buffer before the other side, I could see where that could cause the bolt halves to separate after repeated asymmetrical pounding.

Worst case, use red Loctite instead of blue Loctite. You'll need heat to remove the screws, but it should not vibrate apart.

Are the two halves a good fit? The mating surfaces should be flat, with no wobble.
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The bolt halfs are fine they fit flat and the buffer is ok. I have only shot a couple bricks through it. I don't get why it would do this with maybe only 2,000 rounds through it.
I can't remember if I used blue Loctite when I reassembled the bolt halves on my SU-22 when I replaced the firing pin. I think there might have been enough thread locker remaining that it seemed to torque down in a manner that led me to believe it would probably be OK, so I think I reassembled it without new thread locking compound.

I did snug the cap screws just shy of shearing them off! I kinda leaned on them! :)
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