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Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by FXDiz, Feb 20, 2010.

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    I have 2 SU-16C stocks I removed to put the "E" pistol grip on my C's for sale. $100 each shipped.

    [highlight]1 sold. Still have 1.[/highlight]  

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    Got it ;D

    Great shape and waiting on my form 1 to come back to SBR my 2nd PLR16

    Great to deal with!!

    Where do I leave feedback?

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Trading Post Rules. READ BEFORE VIEWING!

    There are only two stickied threads at the top of this forum.  BOTH pertain to the rules for using the Trading Post.  BOTH have titles in all CAPS.  They are nearly impossible to miss.

    Yet more violations of Trading Post Rules - the second one today.   >:(

    geddi223 - You failed to post that you had sent a PM or email to the seller.  You failed again to post, "I'll take it" in the thread.  These actions are absolutely required and non-negotiable.

    Trading Post Rules.  READ BEFORE VIEWING!

    FXDiz - You sold the item to someone who did not follow the rules.


    I am absolutely sick and tired of wasting my time and energy making posts like this and copying and pasting links to rules that should have already been read and followed.  It will be people like this that finally cause us to close down the Trading Post.  Apparently a 25 post minimum is insufficient.  Do we need a minimum IQ requirement?   :-?
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    Sorry.  I guess I thought I had the notification covered when I edited the post that one had sold.  You can remove the post if you feel you should due to my not following the rules. My appoligies.  I'll not post in the Trading Post here again.  Obviously I'm not bright enough to do so.
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    Wow that's showing some administrative abilities there.

    Since you are adapt at copy and paste, let's see how good you are at removing my account.

    It was error on my part, but your handling of the situation and personal comments shows a complete lack of an ability to administer a board.

    As I have not traded on this board in the past, it would have been more appropriate for you to have sent a pm, but instead you decided a public posting along with inappropriate remarks to handle the situaution.

    As such, I have no desire to be part of a board with childish administrators.
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    Ditto for me gents.
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    Sep 7, 2004
    Well Mr gedi223 Ex Member, since you can't read this anyway, I'll post it as a cautionary tale from which others may benefit.

    Rather I'll just thank you for saving me a couple of clicks.  Good riddance.  

    Yes it was an error on your part, but also on the part of the seller.  On the upside, since the collective IQ of the membership was increased by your resignation, administering the board just got a little easier.

    Having not traded here in the past is NO excuse for not reading the sticked rules in all caps at the top of the forum.  I used to send PMs on violations.  The problem, of which you have about zero comprehension, was that each time the effort of doing that has only informed one of many thousands of members.  I do not have the time nor inclination to PM everyone who refuses to read and follow the rules.  At least this way, some benefit is derived from your incompetence.  In short, you served as a useful counter - In effect, how not to use this forum.  Thanks for that utility.

    OK, so I'm childish.  At least I'm old enough to read.

    Folks, there was a time in years past when this forum wasn't as busy as it is today.  Back then, I often sent PMs in cases like this.  However, I learned a few things over the years.  First off, very often, people that screw up are not necessarily very forum savvy.  I sent PMs that went unread all the time.  Often, the offender turned around and made the same mistake later on.  These days, no one here has the time to send a cute, warm and personal little PM every time someone makes a mistake.  Secondly, as I mentioned above, a PM, if read, educates ONE person.  A post in the thread may inform scores and save time and energy down the line.  IF my IQ comment was unkind consider how many times I have to do this.  I'm [email protected] tired of having to clean up after babies that are too self-centered to take the few minutes it requires to read and follow a few rules.  Yes, the rules do apply to you, no matter what your Momma told you.  And FYI, most larger forums don't even post in your thread.  For example, The High Road just deletes the thread.  Do it again and they ban you.  At least I gave you a chance to recover and continue to participate.  You blew that, not me.  

    If you don't follow the rules here, you will be called out.  It is just that simple.  The appropriate response is an apology and agreement to read and follow the rules in the future.  The issues with the Trading Post have been well publicized and the rules are really hard to miss.  I am all out of sympathy on this issue and have outgrown my kid gloves.  

    Read and follow the rules and use the forum if you like.  Otherwise, stay out.  The next time you will not have an option.

    Folks, I just noticed that the Kel-tec Range is having similar issues.  In fact, now members can no longer post threads in the KTR Classified Forum.  They must send the info to a moderator/admin who first approves it, then posts it for them.  In effect, they are pre-screening buyers and sellers on each and every transaction.  Due to the much higher traffic here at KTOG, we can not use such an option as that.

    The only other option I have is to restrict TP access to a new user group and call it something like KTOG Traders.  Then each and every member (many thousands) who wanted to use the Trading Post would have to PM me a request to be put in that Trading Post access group.  That would require me logging onto to each and every profile and doing an admin edit to place them in the Trader group.  You can only imagine the time and effort that would take and it would be a never ending process.

    Under the current system, we rely on the members to read and follow a few clearly marked and simple rules.  Short of that, the easiest option is to close the Trading Post.  I do not want to do that but the time and effort to keep making posts like this are a powerful persuader.  This is not worth a half hour of my day for the rest of my life.  Would you make that sacrifice?  Some folks that drop in here to use this feature apparently way underestimate the time and effort this requires.  We are tired of being taken for granted by a very few ingrates that think the world (and this forum) revolve around them.  

    TxCajun's thought for the day...  PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!  What a concept!   :)
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    Sep 7, 2004
    Ah, and this just in....

    THANK YOU!   :cool:

    Let me add that FXDiz was also party to another violation yesterday in this thread: F/S Kel Tec SU-16 C w/ multiple accessories

    On the other hand, EricG23, the other participant and thread orginiator has realized and apologized for his part.  Meanwhile, FXDiz has now crawfished out of his agreement to purchase Eric's rifle.  Anyone surprised about that? ::)

    Meanwhile, someone should check out Eric's very nicely equipped rifle and see if it is something you could add to your gun safe.  :cool:
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    Jan 31, 2010
    TX, you mentioned having sent PMs in the past that went un-noticed, or disregarded...
    I've also noticed people sending posts saying "Check Your PMs".
    It makes me wonder how many people have turned on their PM Notification (or have even checked out their "Message" section, for that matter).

    Although I've "read" various forums for information, This is the 1st Forum I've ever bothered to Join and Post in. I came here a relative Forum Virgin, not knowing what the Heck "Stickies", "PMs" and such were. I almost literally stumbled upon how to even get into the Message area and found the switch for PM Pop-Up Notification. I don't check my Message area and without the Pop-Up, I'd never know if someone/anyone PMed me.

    If you haven't already fallen asleep... Here's my point.
    Can you guys set the New User Defaults to include the PM Pop-Up being set to "ON" until either:
    1) The user finds his/her way into the Message area to manually turn it off... or
    2) The user reaches X number of Posts.

    Another thought...
    Can the remainder of the Trading Post be locked from posting until a Member (once they reach their 25 Posts) Clicks on (and hopefully reads) the Mandatory Stickies?
    Kinda like one of those "Click Here if you agree to these terms things that nobody reads?
    Just trying to help curb this growing problem.
  12. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Nope, if that were an option we'd have done that years ago.  The best we can do is what I already did long ago.  In the Admin/Feedback forum, there is a stickied thread entitled Managing Private Messages (PMs)

    Nope, there is no provision or option for doing that either.  Again, if there were, we'd have done that long ago, but I appreciate the suggestions.

    Every member that joins is sent an auto-generated PM with a link to the rules.  Also, the rules are stickied and bolded at the top of the Admin/Feedback Forum and also in the Trading Post.  We have done all that we can do.  The rest is up to the individuals to take some responsibility.  If nothing else, they can ask questions just about anywhere on the forum and someone would be glad to answer.

    As you have probably noticed, I tried on more thing with regard to the Trading Post.  I took a screen shot of the Trading Post Forum and outlined in red, the two sticked threads that contain the guidelines for using the forum along with a hard to miss note saying...


    If this doesn't work, I give up.  :-/
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    Oct 21, 2005
    Do you think it would help to sticky this thread with the following title?

    "Example: What Happens if You Don't Follow the Rules and Why?"

    Of course, that would presuppose that it would be read prior to posting.  Do new members and guest have the ability to read what's in the Trading Post before they have the ability to post there?  If they did, then they would have more time and possibly the inclination to read the rules before posting.
  14. TxCajun

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    Sep 7, 2004
    Guests can never see the TP nor can newbies. However, the TP rules are also posted in the Admin/Feedback Forum where the KTOG Forum Rules live. Everyone can read them there. Every new member gets an auto-generated welcome PM with a link to the rules and instructions to read them. They also get a link to the Welcome Wagon thread and most seem to find that OK, so I have to believe that system should be working somewhat. I think (hope) the new TP Forum pic will be hard to miss so folks should realize there are rules specific to the TP. We'll see.