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I shot my SU-16c for the first time time last weekend.

Even before i took it out I made the following modifications. Replaced the fore end with a Red Lion Performance metal fore end (no rails). Replaced the plastic trigger with a Red Lion Performance trigger.

Very first thought
1. This thing is really light
2. The balance is a lot better then I expected

First thoughts.
1. It feels a lot more solid then I expected from looking at the pictures.
2. Once I was inside to change the trigger I observed that the springs and pins are smaller and more fragile looking then I expected.
3. The ergonomics are better then I expected.
4. It shoulders very nicely.
5. Cheek weld are very comfortable.
6. Sight picture is pretty good. Although the rear sight seems a little more forward then I would like.

Observations regarding shooting the rifle
1. Trigger is still very stiff. Will need to replace trigger spring and or hammer springs.
2. Recoil is super mild. Less then a heavier M4
3. When shooting prone the shells are throne about 3 feet away at about at about 3 o'clock
4. Very reliable. Did not choke on anything. No Failures of any kind.
5. Not as accurate as i had hoped it would be.

Comments regarding accuracy.
1. The rifles is really light and it is hard to keep it settled down
2. When shooting prone with a rest it is a challenge to get a sand bag to hold the folding stock at the correct elevation.
3. It was shooting 1 1/2" groups at 50 yards. (as a contrast when shooting my AR 15" with a 20 inch barrel and open sights I can shoot 1/2"-3/4" groups at 50 yards.

Over all I kind of like it. It is super reliable. Takes AR 15 magazines. Was not expensive ($400.00). Light weight and folds up to about 24". I think if you purchased the CA version of this rifle you would be just about as happy. I can not imagine a situation where I would want to need to shoot the SU-16c from a folded configuration. I really do wish it was more accurate. It is not a precision rifle. I do not think there is any reason to put a scope on it. Which is good because it keeps it nice and light.
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