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:nopics:picked up a SU 16 C as the "long" companion to my tricked out "short" PLR 16

Added a side folding tubular stock by Ace along with the OEM pistol grip AR adapter

Modified the OEM compact fore end adding rails at each side ... mechanical fastened with interior nuts epoxy capped

See through top rail with TruGlo holographic red dot/green dot sight

Forward sling QD mount via barrel clamp (did not trust the fore end being stout enough to handle extreme stress)

Vortex flash hider

OEM pistol grip AR adapter in low position to access iron sights ... added a center cored out tennis ball to top tube f stock ,,, it slides as required to provide an elevated cheek rest for using the red dot

Folding vertical fore end pistol grip with remote switch for Streamlight TLR-1 weapon light mounted on left side of compact fore end ...

Fairfield green laser target designator mounted below barrel just in front of OEM Compact fore end .. operable by rear cap switch accessible from vertical fore end pistol grip ...

By hard shopping managed to keep total budget below a grand ... some will argue that an AR can be purchased at a similar price but I like the Kel Tec operating system ... Any AR would need to be a direct impingement or converted to same from gas impingement ... plus no side folding stock ... etc .

This home brew I think is adequate for any potential social work out to a max of 250 yards ... 9maybe more depending) ... and still effective in close quarters drill ..

Cannot fire with stock folded but that's for storage and transport only and right side fold position allows a cleaner sling arrangement and manipulation ...

Any anticipated close quarters work would be via my PLR 16 ...

Pics attached of my SU 16 C and my PLR 16 ... the long and short of it ...

The shorty has been simplified further stripped down to basics to max out concealed carry option ... yes if it is absolutely necessary for conducting business ... you can carry a PLR 16 with two 30 round mags with out alarming the citizenry or the authorities .. . it is a pistol so any applicable CCW permit covers it ... just sling it vertically under either arm ... light and roomy jacket (tall size recommended for vertical length of cover) and you are good to go ... not recommended except when unobtrusive max fire power is absolutely potentially needed ...

As always one must be discrete when out and about if you are armed since John Q may not agree and with the recent Terror attacks it could be misunderstood very easily ... uninformed or intolerant people can panic in a heart beat so stealth carry is as important as the right caliber and capacity for the issue at hand ...

I'll shut up now ...


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