* SPF * Pkg of SIG 226 stuff - bunch of mags/acc.

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  1. FOR SALE: A "mixed bag" of stuff for the P226 I no longer have, which includes the following...

    - Three (3) factory mags –– two used in very good condition, plus one new in the package with a cut-out on one side (it came that way, I assume to allow a visual round-count???)

    - Eight (8) generic mags (USA???) for range use –– four black and four with a silver finish; I don't think any of these have been used

    - One (1) USA brand 20-round extended mag

    - Three (3) Ram-Line extra-capacity/flush-fit mags –– one used, two new in packages

    - One (1) new/unused Streamlight no-gunsmithing light mount/rail –– mounts easily and solidly under the dust cover, forward of the trigger guard (I have this mount on 3 of my own Berettas and they work great)

    - One (1) new/unused Fobus Roto Paddle Holster

    - One (1) set of new/unused Hogue hex-head grip screws

    - One (1) set of OEM grips –– used/rough

    - One (1) used guide rod/spring and takedown lever (I traded my 226 away with the LaserMax unit still in it)

    - One (1) set of used/take-off OEM sights (NOT night-sights as on the package –– I replaced these with tritiums and just put the OEMs in that box to keep up with them)

    I am only interested in selling this as a package deal at this time, not willing to part it out. Sorry.

    All the magazines are "pre-ban"/not LE marked, for where that matters. I will only ship these magazines where it is legal for me to do so.

     $ 250  for the complete package shipped CONUS via Priority Mail

    Everything separately is probably worth more than that, but I don't have any use for any of it and just want to sell it as a package all at once.

    Please e-mail me through the site with any questions.

    * PICS:  All of the pics are hosted internally over at Arfcom, so please click this link to see the pictures -- http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=7&f=89&t=795718

    Payment options: Certified funds only (money order or cashier’s check), no personal checks; Paypal accepted, but only if bank draft (no upcharge fee) – I cannot accept credit card-funded Paypal payments.

    I am a long-time and relatively well known member here and on other gun boards -- IOW, you can buy from me with confidence.