(SPF) : M1 Carbine "Assault Weapon" w/ high cap mags

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    SPF another listing

    For Sale:

    M1 Carbine (Universal). Listed by name (M1 Carbine) specifically on Diane Feinstein's "Assault Weapons" ban bill.

    • sling
    • two (2) "High Capacity" 30-Round magazines
    • one (1) 10-Round magazine

    Good condition. Decent shooter.

    Asking $700. Negotiable for trade items (want to eventually trade into an entry-level AR).

    Location - Huber Heights, OH.

    Prefer Face to Face.

    Will ship to FFL, shipping costs extra.

    Face to Face transfers include 100 rounds of .30 Carbine JSP ammunition. (Approximate value - $60-$80)

    Get your 'Assault Weapon" complete with High Capacity magazines and ammo before it's banned! :)

    Listed on multiple sites. First "I'll take it" wins. Multiple "I'll take it"s on differing sites will be resolved by posting time-stamp - earliest time-stamp wins. Will negotiate via PM but must abide by forum trading rules regarding first "I'll take it" posts in thread.


    Peace favor your sword,
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