SPF---Leather Pocket Holster for LCP/ P3AT

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    Feb 4, 2010
    For sale, brand new leather pocket holster with a detachable anti print panel. This holster is made by the good folks at ThePocketHolster.com and was ordered back in January. I have since sold my LCP, but was not able to cancel the order for the holster and it arrived today. It is a good looking rig. Holster and anti print panel are black. Holster can be used for left or right hand carry, in front pocket or rear. My intention was to use it for back pocket carry using the anti print panel, which makes it look like a wallet in your pocket. I paid $55 for this holster shipped to me, but I'll sell it for $50 shipped to the buyer. Will accept PayPal. Holster is listed on two other gun forums, and first "I'll take it" will be the buyer.