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Shortly after purchasing my new PMR-30 a couple weeks back I knew that with (3) 30rd mags?...I was going to be needing a speed loader of some sort and when I inquired?...I was sent a name by a member who was happy with theirs and gave me the members name to contact for one if I so desired which was KTOG member goixiz.

I PM'ed goixiz of my interest asking for pix and he PM'ed me right back with a video link of his speed loader in action and my Paypal funds of $29 were sent where he asked me if I would be willing to toss up a review when I received it and I said yes...and while a few days late?...this is me holding to my word.

Now I had googled up and seen other speed loaders available for the PMR-30 and they were even a few bucks cheaper but?....just based on pix and vids?...there were two things that prompted me to pay the extra and chose this one and those two things were...

1. It's Brighter Standout Color: as I knew I'd appreciate that when fishing for it in my gear bag and?...

2. It's Greater Level Of Visual Access: This ones pretty much as wide open as it gets for my viewing pleasure while monitoring the loading of each individual round which helps insure I don't botch the loading of any rounds and accidentally inflict the dreaded rim-lock syndrome in any of my mag loading sessions.

and this is what I got in the mail...

I'm fully aware that when we get down too loading those last 5 of 30rds?...the follower spring in the mag gets crazy tight to where if just the rim is pushed and pressed against the last round loaded?'s very easy to deform casings which again can and does promote jamming with that damaged round so?'s nice to see this speed loader (despite it's open air gobs of visual access) still has a generous amount of surface area on it's pusher to distribute the pressure over a larger area of the round being depressed...

Now all that said?...I am not a salesman...nor am I under any obligatory restraints from airing out the truth of things here as I paid full boat and it was my hard earned that paid in full for it so on with the truth of the matter which is...

Truthfully?...I find it quicker and easier to load my mags by hand....for the first 10rds but after that?....I found this speed loader indispensable for the loading of the subsequent 20rds.

a well thought through product that's well worth the price of admission.

I hope you folks found that both informative and helpful....Happy Shooting, Bill. ;)
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