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I learned a lot from this forum so I would like to contribute something. I have a TRS25 red dot mounted on my gen2. My problem with red dots are what happens when your battery is dead when you really need it.:eek:

I found a water proof container that holds 2 spare batteries and weighs next to nothing. They are contact lens cases that come in several colors. They come attached left and right eye marked, but can be easily cut apart, sanded smooth and make perfect battery holders. I cut a few discs from paper card stock to separate the batteries as well as prevent any rattles. It is attached to the Keltec butt stock with silicone caulk or Goop.

So if you accidentally leave your red dot on:( spare batteries are with you at all times. :D

The contact lens cases are sold at most drug stores. I got mine at Walmart and the manu. was Equate.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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