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First off - I hope all we well with everyone in the world. Thank goodness for forums as a place to get away for a moment.

Hello All - I made an appearance in 2015 and I was crazy excited about my 2nd gen S2K. I quickly found out as a left handed shooter I was miserable with my S2K and it sat. I also shoot with a very square to the target stance and the butt-stock was and still is chewing on my jaw. The butt stock is only a big deal if I consider a longer range session.

Now I am back to really loving my S2K. I cannot believe the aftermarket that has popped up for these. Maybe it was there in 2015 and I overlooked it... I have done a few mods to it and even given it a proper home in a backpack, so it can easily travel with me.

What made me love it again..... M*Carbo makes a casing/powder deflector and I decided to make my own based on their design. It took a little commitment since it is epoxied on. If it ever has a problem I will remake it and epoxey on another. Kydex is so much fun to work with!

I also got the M*Carbo peep sight and really love it.

Magpul AFG

after purchasing three different canted mounts on Amazon, I found one that will let me use my Bushnell knockoff sight and let the S2K close perfectly without interference.

Dawson mag extensions and a KCI drum that just seemed like a fun range toy to have.

Pics in no particular order:

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