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Maybe I just got lucky but when I bought my P3-AT a few years ago, I didn't know the difference between a first gen and a second gen.

The second gen just hit the streets and I called around to find an AT but had no clue about the difference.

The shop that had one was about 40 miles away and I jumped in the heap and took a ride. It just happened to be a second gen.

I got one with a S/N of HET XX and we all know this was an early model of Gen 2.

I shot a bunch of Winchester white box (the ultimate test) with one failure and then decided I was pushing my luck and did the "fluff and buff". It just got better from that point.

I have not had a failure since the F&B using Winchester WB as practice ammo and that is without any new springs added.

Generally, if a shipment of anything comes in and I buy it, I wind up with the one bad item in the bunch. This time it must have been different. I finally got the good one. It has been said that if you put a monkey in front of a typewriter, given enough time he would write the encyclopedia Britannica with no errors. Well the monkey must have been typing. :D

It is my primary carry weapon.
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