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    Feb 8, 2011
    All brass is mixed headstamp from an indoor range. Range does not sell reloads so most are 1x fired. Some nickel plated. Steel, aluminum, and damaged cases removed. Extra cases added to account for any missing or damaged. Cases are not cleaned or deprimed. PM any questions and I would be happy to answer.  Shipping is in flat rate boxes ($12 for up to 2000 rounds)

    1000- .380 auto- $35
    300- 40S&W- $12
    1000- 9MM- (2 lots available)- $40
    100- 38special- $10
    300- .223 (mostly PPU with some WCC and MAL)- $20
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    Feb 8, 2011
    Re: Brass- Multiple calibers


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    :-? ??? sold , to whom ,no I'll take it ,no post of off board sales...
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    Shhh, I hear something, i hope it's not ... it's,...Swampthing.
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    Do sellers really NOT look at ANYone Else's For Sale threads in here? Is their Tunnel Vision that bad?

    This thread was up while the other problem threads were being handled. Did the seller really not even get Curious about them?

    Come on.
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    I guess he/she couldn’t find the time, being here a whole 21 days and all ::)
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    Maybe instead of just 25 posts...make it 25 posts and 90 days or something.

    Just sayin.