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    Feb 19, 2009
    I have decide to reorganise a bit and the 2 things I really  need are a PF9 and a 22 'target' pistol.  Money is not as it should be so something has to go, the Walther.
    A fantastic 9mm, I have around 6-700rds through it without a single stoppage - all types of ammo.  It is a true DAO, none of the AS or QA stuff.
    My plan is to sell this, add in a bit of cash and get a PF9 ($250 or so) and a Ruger (Mk2/3) or Beretta NEOS ($250 ish).  So I would consider either of both (PF9 and 22LR) as trades.
    Comes with fibre-optic front sight, all original boxed gear (2 15rd mags, backstraps etc) and 2 holsters (Uncle Mikes Kydex paddle, leather IWB by Tagua).
    $475 shipped to your FFL (must accept from non-FFL).

    Also advertised on Walther Forums