sold pending funds pmr threaded bar

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    May 25, 2011
    pok,decided to sell since theres things i need"want" i got a speacial 1 of package with my pmr as i met a speacial person that i feel was very good to me,,all i can say..from the factory but not available yet for sale.

    im in ocala fla..i have a threaded pmr30 barrel thats 3/4 inch longer, and have a ar/15 type"but much smaller"bird cage flash suppresor that stops the flash amazeingly,used for 5 shots aprox looks new.
    also have a breech attachment that screws on,has the serrated kinda edges and looks very cool,just like the ones they breech door jams with"i wouldnt try this with a 22wmr"
    also 2 threaded adapters,1 is steel to adapt to 1/2x28 threads
    1 is anodized alum to adapt to 1/2x28 threads
    and have 2 ,,1/4 thick spacers to tighten the attachments in the spot you want then to be locked in.or,i guess you could use the 2 for a thread protector but wasnt made for that.

    also have a skelotonized slide ,again,1 of ,as they dont exist yet,very light weight and supposed to work great with rat shot..
    i have personally shot the winchester cheaper dynapoints with this slide 1 full mag total,,  and it will chamber each round perfectly,,as it wont with my current slide and burris scope.

    so ,,2 attachments to thread on the barrel.bird cage type,,,breech buster type.
    1 threaded barrel 1 inch longer looks brand new as only used no more than 50 rnds,works great with good ammo.
    2 threaded spacers to tighten the attachments in place,,but dont have to use them either.1 has a small nick but nothing bad,,my fault.
    2 total,,1 steel and 1 alum anodized 1/2x28 thread adapters for attachments..
    everything is and looks new as ive mentioned the use,except 1 lil nick on one of the threaded spacers.

    list of my trade wants;;p31 carbine?
    erma m1 cabine in 22wmr?
    would love a new cond pf9mm in olive drab or ? with a slide thats not regular steel as i sweat lol?oleg has some great examples on his cash if needed to get to the price at the bottom.
    or very good shape,, possibly,other 22wmr rifle with a lot of ammo to make up the price at the bottom..but would like a older carbine type.. id rather trade locally as ive never accepted a paypal payment before..
    also looking for a nice cond atlas/craftsman 6 inch x 19 inch lathe with the center and tool post and whatever else i can get with it..or a good tight small lathe to play with metal on.
    if someone makes a cash offer in a pm i will listen to it and call you if you leave a number.but rather get what i want.
    i have a bad memory but have read the rules 2 times as i wasnt perfect in the tryong hard.
    i will respond to anyone in the order i recieve and responses and say pm,ed ,,or respond already.
    im honest and fair and have many gun guys in fla to back me up as i wheel and deal a good bit.
    thanks,and hopefully theres 2 of us that can both be very happy..
    if you look in the pmr pic thread i have many pics,, i will add them here tomorrow asap with the exact lot that i mentioned thats for trade..
    good luck,,  just bring me a new coated sldie pf9mm in olive drab,and you will be getting a great deal ;)
    if anyone has something to trade locally,just put pm sent so i get the e mail and i can respond via e mail or call you if you leave a number..
    OR; 400.00 CASH and i will go get what i want  firm..
    will keep this here for 1-2 whatever i decide,,then delete it and post on a local gun board in my area,and it will go fast as pmr,s have sold here for,,well,you all no what i gave for mine lol..but i also got a lot of ammo and such..
    8 pieces;;as follows;i do have the word out to 5-6 buddys locally also..
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    May 25, 2011
    Re: pmr30 threaded barrel SALE PENDING

    sold WAITING ON FUNDS a local guy ive dealt with before.

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    May 25, 2011
    well after reading other adds im sure i may have done something wrong? if so sorry,as everyone isnt as intelligent as others i guess..