*SOLD* P3AT w/ extras (FTF,Central Ohio)

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    Jun 19, 2006
    Parkerized Kel-Tec second generation P3AT, purchased 2006.(S# HVxxx)
    2 mags both w/ +1 extensions.
    Leather homemade pocket holster and mag pouch.
    Extra recoil springs, guide rod, extractor, extractor spring and bolt.
    Original mag springs and base plates.
    50 rounds Blazer 95 gr. TMJ
    20 rounds Federal 90 gr. Hydra Shok JHP
    Box, Manual, Lock
    Complete History of rounds fired since returned from KT(2006)
    I had FTE issues when it was new... sent it back, it’s been fine since.
    870 rounds with 7 ammo related hiccups.
    2 FTF & 1 FTE w/ WinClean and 4 FTE w/ Rem UMC 88gr. JHP
    Federal Hydra Shoks have been flawless for 100 rounds.
    Many FMJ brands have been flaless too.
    It's been in my pocket 90% of the time since 2006, It Is Reliable.

    $300 obo FTF w/ CHL holder within 30 minutes of Columbus

    Thanks for looking