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    Oct 4, 2009
    Christmas is upon us and some of us need new guns, while others must sell some stuff... that's me, the selling stuff guy!

    I'm headed to the Gun Show at the Fairgrounds in Nashville on Saturday, so I thought I'd give you all one more shot... it's now 299.00.

    This might just be the PF9 for you, with everything you'd want to do already done:

    -Most recent RHxxx serial number [$299.00]
    -Blued slide
    -OD Green frame
    -2 magazines, with both the factory baseplates and extended finger grips  [$21.85 mag, $6.65 finger grips x 2 = $13.30]
    -Soft rubber trigger over-travel stop. I made this from GoldenLoki's suggestion in the forums. It's real nice.
    -KTAddons pads and sticky grip (I didn't sand anything off to apply the pads. I didn't think it needed it. Gun is unchanged, and I have the extra set of pads included. And that slip-on grip is perfect. The gun doesn't move in your hand.  [$15.92]
    -Nitesiters - Wow, these really work well! You'd think it was tritium, if you didn't know. [$11.98]
    -Kel-Tec blued belt clip, installed  [$13.50]
    -Factory trigger lock and case
    -All factory rough edges carefully and slowly trimmed and gently sanded. You can't tell anything's been done until you feel some other new PF9. It made a huge difference in the finish of the gun.

    and the best of all...
    -Golden Loki's reliability fluff & buff, done by the master himself in Kansas.  [$25.00]

    About 200 rounds through the gun, none of it +P. Works just like you'd hope... not a Failure-To-Anything since it came back from Golden Loki and his fine gunsmithing work. Shipped to your local FFL (unless you happen to have one.)

    If you purchased all of these (forgetting for a moment the shipping and sales tax costs associated with each purchase) you'd pay 375.55. It'd end up over $400.00 with all the shipping for this stuff. Get this one, ready to carry, ready for anything, reliable and Oh, so cool for only 299.00. I'll ship UPS or FedEx next day, your choice, to your FFL who accepts from individuals. No handling fee. I'll quote you the exact shipping with your address, but it'll be around 30.00. Tennessee residents can meet me for pick up, if you'd prefer.

    The belt clip was added after these photos were taken. Take a look:



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    Oct 4, 2009
    Re: WTS Nice PF9 with Every Good Thing -Reduced $2

    I'm heading over to the gun show at the Nashville Fairgrounds in the morning, so I thought I'd give you all one more shot with a reduced price. It's now 299.00 for the gun, and its accessories.