SOLD!  Ruger LCP wCrimson Trace, Xtra Mag

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    Aug 12, 2009

    Ruger LCP Package
    I'm selling a like new LCP package.  I got this as a backup gun or a I quick gota run to the store gun and it's just not for me.  Fired about 20 rounds through it and I just don't shoot it well like my Glocks so I'm not going to carry it.  No failures at all.

    1) Ruger LCP as it came from factory.  Box, soft case, lock, magazine, pinkie extension, manual, etc.

    2) Crimson Trace LaseGuard for LCP.

    3) Extra LCP magazine made by Ruger.

    4) Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster for LCP with CT.

    5) Uncle Mikes Pocket Holster for LCP with CT.

    6) Half box of 95 gr American Eagle .380 FMJ.

    I will NOT split the package.  I will do a FTF in Lancaster Co, Pa or will ship on the buyer dime.  This is listed for sale else where too.

    Trades: I will accept trades.  I like Glock's, 1911's, Hunting Rifles, O/U Shotguns, Revolvers, etc.  Let me know what you got the worst I can say is that I'm not interested.

    Price: $499