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Smiley's on 2G P3AT

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Hi All,
I have a 2nd Gen P3 that so far I like very much! So far I have shot about 75 rounds out of it with no problems at all, I don't think. I picked up a box of the regular Cor-Bon ammo the other night. I have not had a chance to shoot at a target yet but wanted to shoot a bit of it, so last night I went out and shot some. It was dark and so I shot it out into a field behind our house. We live way out in the country. I had the mag loaded with the Cor-Bon and Gold Dots mixed every other one. I only shot about 4 rounds. There is certainly a difference in felt recoil and flash between the 2!! Anyway all went well. When I got into the house I dropped the mag and cleared the chamber. The round ready to be fired was a GD and it had, what I think, was a big smiley. What should I do at this point?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ron
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ront said:
What should I do at this point?
Your P-3AT is working fine, don’t sweat it. I have several SG P-3ATs and all make smilies.

Wilson – who’s happy that his ammo is happy :)
Thanks Wilson for the reply. I will just leave it then. It does seem to be working just fine.

Wilson - who's one liners crack me up ;D!

Thanks, Ron
ront, smile back at it. ;D ;D that is one bug that will not go away. if it ain't broke-don't fix it ::)
Thanks guys, I do appreciate the feedback. I will not worry about it.

Thanks, Ron
If it ain't pushing the bullet back into the case, you be doing fine. Mine smiles at me sometimes too.

When I got my 2G P-3AT it produced pretty deep smilies. It was very accurate but I was concerned that the smilies may inhibit expansion in JHPs. I asked that question on this forum and others and was told by many posters that it was not a problem. I didn't make sense to me logically, but I was a newbie and who was I to contradict the wise old sages?

Recently, a fairly long and in depth discussion was done on another forum:

At the end of this discussion you will see a post that references some ACTUAL tests done by some of the members that very conclusively proved that smilies can be bad for JHP expansion (I believe you must be a member of the forum to view the tests).

After viewing the tests I immediately did a rampectomy.

Now the only smiley is on my face. ;D
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I always think that they are a message that i am sending to the bad guy >:(
+1 on the rampectomy.

It only takes 15 to 20 minutes.
today, fired the flawless 380 150 rounds without cleaing, worked perfect, now at 4200 great rounds.No signs of wear at all, Cleaned it and in the front pocket 24/7. I find this one of the most fun weapons to shoot besides the wifes 32, . Can't hit sh-t but oh what fun trying. ;D
I really think the whole smiley issue is a matter of degree. If there is noticeable, severe setback in the bullet, and major indentation, then you may indeed have a problem. You would see asymmetrical expansion in hollowpoints, and lesser penetration with FMJ rounds. In the tests I and others have done with mild or moderate smilies, there has been ZERO impact on performance. I recommend, however, not taking my word or anyone else's, and doing some of your own tests (wetpack, waterjugs) before you start doing a rampectomy. In your case, Bobo, it's a moot point since you've already done the surgery. As far as I know, there has NEVER been a reported case of harm done to a P3AT due to bullet setback and the expected increase in pressure. On the other hand, whatever floats your boat....
It does beat the snot out of the back of the magazines though.

I think it's worth doing the rampectomy just for the Peace of mind that comes from knowing your mag isn't going to crack and puke out all the ammo in the middle of a gun-fight.

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