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Sling Recommendations

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I'm looking for two point sling and wondering what others users have found workable
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I attached a Magpul MOE Sling Attachment to the front and used an Mcarbo Single Point QD Sling Mount mounted as directed on the castle nut. (Loctite 380 has held the castle nut securely for me.) I use a Magpul MS3 Single QD Sling (Gen 2) that allows me to switch between two point and single point operation.

There are so many options out there, but maintaining the foldability of the S2K was really important to me, so the options become more limited.
I'm looking for two point sling and wondering what others users have found workable
I'm a two-point sling fan also. Here's what I use on my S2K :eek:

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The Magpul MS-3 sling attached.

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Found a small stainless steel cup that fits the bottom rail of the stock.

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Here's the parts ~ from Tactical Link.

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Also use a MS3 for single/double duty as it were.
I use MS1 Magpul slings on most of my rifles and even a pair of AR pistols using QD mounts on all of them. I like my sling points to be out toward the ends of the weapon. That part is highly preferential as is mid-mount, end-plate mount, etc.

I used a standard M-Lok QD mount at the front of the S2 at the front left side of the handguard...9 or 3 o'clock however you see it. At the rear I also mounted an M-Lok QD mount. I just drilled two appropriately sized holes in the flat spot at the lower rear of the factory buttstock. I ground off the two small stubs on the back of the M-Lok mount...easy because it's aluminum on mine. In the QD mounts recessed screw holes I used two appropriate length black allen head machine screws with black locking nut. This is small but robust hardware. The mount is then bolted to the flat portion of the buttstock. The exact location can involve some preference...high, low, or forward in that flat pocket. I would recommend mounting as close to the perimeter of that flat area to provide more strength than just out in the middle of the flat area. There is plenty of material in this flat area for strength for such a light rifle.

Slings and their related mounting points can be extremely preferential and applicable to different scenarios and category of use.
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You can get as fancy as you'd like with slings and spend a fortune. I went with an actual on-the-job, KISS, sling. Can't be beat. Attaches anywhere.
I like the IDF,,, They take no cagada!

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Tagged for future reference.
Even though I have a 2 point sling on one of my subs, there are reports that it can negatively effect accuracy. YMMV.
I wouldn't be mounting a 2 point sling for use in the traditional Target Sling mode. I'm into cross body carry with a small amount of steadying when in the shooting position. It is the quickest method of transition from carrying to shooting out there.

I will probably change the front mount to a Magpul Socket type mount, the Kel Tec Gen 1 Fore end allows nearly unlimited mounting options. I just used what I had in the box.
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This is one of my 1.5" wide slings I make. They work very well on any Carbine. IE: AR's, Subs, Mini's, Su16's, and even my new Fight-Lite SCR.

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It works so good it is sick! And,,,, It's Legal in all 50 states!!!

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