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Has anyone measured the guide rod hole after the recoil springs have let loose?

I have a very slight peen with a measurement of .137 horizontally and .136 vertically ???

If we know the diameter that the springs let loose at least we have an idea of when NOT to trust the 3AT when we need it.

I don't want to do a second slide exchange until i know this issue has been resolved at KT.


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From older post

JFB said:
Here is a way to check the clearance between the rod and the hole

cut a piece of paper in a small triangle,  one sides 1 1/2" long and the other 3"

Wrap paper around the rod so that a point is at the end and the paper overlaps toward the middle

now start the rod from the front of the slide and carefully start the tip of paper.  I can get mine to slide paper through but it stops just before the paper overlaps.  

this indicates I only have 0.005" clearance.  

the inner spring wire diameter is 0.019"

If you can get 4 wraps of paper (0.020" clearance) or more, the inner spring can go through

I would worry if I got 3 wraps though
An interesting thing

the hole in P32 is also 0.137 and the plastic rod diameter is 0.125 thus 0.012" clearance to begin with
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