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Welcome to KTOG. Yes that is odd and should NOT be the case. You should be able to clear the chamber by removing magazine, racking slide, expelling chambered round and slide returning with empty chamber.

However, you are not the first to report such a problem. I recall another. while your problem might be differant, his was just not pulling slide back hard enough.

Does the slide go back any, like an 1/8" of inch or will it not budge at all?

If it goes back a little, do you see the barrel start to go down any?

At this point in racking, It does get harder to pull the slide back, besides the friction of the barrel to slide, barrel to pin cam, there is also the hammerface to slide. Putting grease on these surfaces will make it easier and with some shooting wear those surfaces to be even smoother.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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