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The double sided charging handle is pretty cool if you want to or need ambidextrous controls.

I really would like to take one of the charging handles off.

This would make it a lot thinner and be easy to lay flat, pack etc.

Maybe removing one side has dubious benefits but I have the hex wrench to do it.

Which side though.

Remove right side.
If I keep the left side charging handle it is easier to operate for a right handed person. However when you carry the rifle with a sling the charging handle stabs me in the chest.

Remove left side
This makes it harder to charge. However now it is on the same side as my Garand, my FN shotgun, and every AK I have ever shot. Also it lay on my chest more nicely when carried with a sling.


Remove Right side for easy of charging, but less comfortable to sling.

Remove left side for manual of arms considerations and easier to sling.

What would you do?

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Personal preference. As a rule I prefer right side charging handles like AKs, for me I can apply more force and it's a straight pull back. On a lightweight CMR that's probably not an issue. For tactical/competition use, a left side pull would be faster for most shooters. But that's also for carbines with a forward magwell.

Which hand do you use to change mags? That's probably the best hand to charge with.
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