Sight/pic rail alignment

Discussion in 'SU-22' started by strike, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. strike

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    Apr 25, 2009
    So I happened into a new SU-22. This is my first experience with one and my first Kel-tec product.

    I sighted it in at 25 yards, and now the rear peep is about as far left as it will go. Is this common with these rifles? I haven't bothered to figure out what isn't aligned, but either my front sight or my pic rail is out of alignment with the bore.

  2. Liberty4Ever

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    May 19, 2006
    Lexington KY
    It's likely to be the front sight. It doesn't take too much angular misalignment to result in an off-center rear sight. Kel-Tec has upgraded their front sight installation jig and this is much less of a problem now. Some of the first SU-22 models and PLR-22 models had to be returned because it wasn't possible to align the rear sight enough to be on target. Oops!

    I have one of the first hundred SU-22s to ship. I put optics on it immediately. I still haven't checked to see if the front sight is on straight. I guess I should do that. If I needed to return it for a front sight re-installation, I'd ask them to do the upgrade on the feed ramp too. I already did the upgrade for the enlarged ejection port.

  3. Whodat

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    Jun 20, 2008
    Yes my rear sight is set to the left, but it is about 1/8 - 1/4 inch from all the way. Its center though. I'm using a BSA Red Dot also. Its shoots good either way. The red dot just makes 70-100 yds. easier.
  4. shep854

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    Feb 27, 2006
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    I had that problem with my rifle.  Since I had the rifle only a few weeks before calling K-T, they sent me a call tag for shipping and I returned it under warranty.  After getting it back, I was able to sight it in with only a small leftward adjustment.

    Give them a call.  Be sure to ask about the call tag. You will find their customer service second to none!
  5. fufodog

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    May 8, 2009
    I have the same problem with my Alpha, so I ordered the Bravo replacement sights. In the meantime, I got a Barska scope and when I mounted it to the rail and tried to align it with a bore scope, I noticed that the scope was as far off line as the old sights. It seems the barrel is out of alignment with the receiver/picatinny rail. Now, I'm thinking this is something that only Kel-Tec can resolve. Should I send it back, or is there a simple fix for this?
  6. ktwm

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    Oct 26, 2004

    It sounds like you are talking about the SU-16...not the SU-22. It is possible that the barrel is bent , and that is why you are getting the mis-alignment. the barrel can be straightnened by Kel-Tec, or just re-mounted if that is what is needed.