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Hello forum this is my first post on here and hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot here but I have a very specific question. I just found and bought the elusive RDB and my luck I only have a gen 2 magpul front sight, no rear sight yet. So I started to take some rudimentary measurements off the front site post on my AR to as close as I can to center of the bore and did the same with the RDB with the gen 2 on it. While I know that I must be off on my measurements ( I'm using dowel rods and a ruler ) but I keep getting the same answer that the RDB is almost a 1/4 in higher than my AR. So Has anyone else seen this or is it just me.

Im asking this b/c this would change the cheek weld. So my thoughts are a to use an absolute cowittness mount with HK height buis to get it to the lower 1/3 I'm after.

Any thoughts y'all might have will be greatly appreciated.
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