ShotLock Shotgun Solo-Vault work with KS7?

Discussion in 'KS7 Bullpup Shotgun' started by Ark, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Ark

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    Aug 2, 2020
    Anyone know if a Shotlock is fat enough to fit a KS7 with the handle removed? Specs say it'll accept a 2" width and the KS7 says it's 1.9". BUT the KS7 is a pretty tall gun and I'm not sure if it'll fit in the 4" wide space.

  2. WolfWings

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    Feb 19, 2020
    Kansas City
    They have an outright warning that no bullpup shotguns have fit so far. They suggest the AR-Vault instead but say to contact them for details as apparently it needs some tweaks or a custom piece from them:

    So I'd reach out, the KS7 _MIGHT_ but this is close enough you might be better served reaching out to the manufacturer to ask.
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  3. dfariswheel

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    Jul 17, 2017
    None of the standard type shotgun locking boxes will work with the Kel-Tec shotguns.
    Most of the locking boxes are designed to wrap around a standard and specific shape receiver and prevent the pump from being moved rearward.
    Even then, some of the box type locks will only work with some brands and models of shotguns.

    The Kel-Tec's are far enough out of the standard that it's going to need something designed exclusively for it.
    I don't know of any lock box type devices that will fit the non-standard Kel-Tec's.

    This is going to take some fancy engineering due to the Kel-Tec design.

    About the only thing I can think of off hand is a sturdy trigger lock that fits over the trigger and trigger guard with a strong cable attached that could fit over the receiver to prevent the trigger unit from being removed and the receiver stolen.
    The cable could be strongly attacked to a wall to prevent the entire gun being stolen and the lock cut off later.
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  4. WolfWings

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    Feb 19, 2020
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    Fancy engineering? Not really. Just custom work that just about any machinist could offer any number of solutions. Easiest I could see would likely be a plastic custom chamber + magtube block that cams a piston to lock the pump fully to the rear as part of the locking mechanism. A KS7-type variant of the "magwell AR15" gun locks in effect.