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I recently posted about all kinds of trauma I had with my new P3AT- hammer stuck, magazine wouldn't seat right, wouldn't go into battery without a little push...etc.

Being new to Kel-Tec, and having never shot such a small, lightweight pistol before, I have to admit that I was not optimistic about my range trip.

I am happy to report that I couldn't have been more wrong! I ran 50 rounds of "bargain" FMJ through it with only one FTF!! Furthermore, I was able to keep all shots within a 6" group at 7 yards (I am sure that the weapon is capable of better than that- I just need to get used to the trigger) I am amazed!- I did a lot of research before I bought this weapon- chose it over Ruger LCP (which appears to be a carbon copy), and DiamondBack because of the proven design and all of the "tweaks" that have happened since it was introduced.

Although the pistol didn't do as well with 100 grain "flat nose" factory reloads- had multiple FTF's and FTE's in 20 rounds- I am attributing that to possibly light loads and a dirty chamber. Next time I will start with a clean gun and the flat nose factory reloads and see what happens.

I am now a Kel-Tec believer! Seems like these are tough little guns...I know that in short order (need to run defense ammo through it) it will be my new best friend and allow me to be armed 24/7- just throw it in my pocket and go...

Thanks to those who "held my hand" through my first field strip and cleaning as well as my stupid move of pulling the trigger with the slide off- none of that even phased the little champ ;)
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