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Thanks for reading!

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I wanted to top off my KSG with something good, nice, fast and light.
The latest Aimpoint, the Micro gen 2's looked good. Eotech looks good and works good. Chinese sights have come a long way and are competitive, and the new Vortex Huey is still a ways off for practical purposes. What else was there?

Shield PSD. You can read about them, the history of the gear, specs and performance, etc on the WWW so I will just focus on my application and experience with it.

The SIS won my research contest because it's proven tough, low weight, very good peripheral vision, and comes with a riser that works well on flat tops. Not third world labor. Smaller form factor, lighter and about $150 cheaper than Aimpoint 2's, with more features. Way lighter than Eotech, much more compact and slightly cheaper.

Choice of 4 reticles, 1 or 4 MOA dot with or without 65 MOA ring of dots. Manual brightness settings or it automatically senses. Although its sensor is forward looking making it smarter in theory, I found it not much better than any other ambient-sensing system as it doesn't go from dark to light to sunny to its full potential. Also, when I turn the bright flashlight on, it doesnt sense that and go to full brightness and the reticle cant be seen well. Fortunately the controls and features are intuitive and side mounted. Battery hatch on the other side. I'm just gonna leave it on mostly full bright and plan on changing the batt next fall. Problem solved!

I opted to add the aluminum triple picatinny riser, trading some weight for some durability. These risers fit together like legos with a bolt through and the base plus 2 more tiers of risers give good height options.

The slots for elevation and windage are meant for coins. A nickle fits well. I did not know this at first and futzed around with screwdrivers, leaving at least 1 scratch.

2 sources for this sight, their website from which they will ship to the US for reasonable postage, or Cabela's. Now, Cabela's is $50 more but that's because they have a longer warranty, lifetime vs 2 years from Shield. Also should you need warranty work, realize an extra downtime as your unit is shipped back and forth across the pond.

Update: Brownell's also sells this item.

It holds its zero, reticle choices make it ideal for a buck thrower, looks minimalist but good.

You can ask Shield questions on a form on their website but on their Facebook page they are much more responsive, I sent them pics of it mounted and chatted briefly several times with them.

Take a look!

"If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."
--Ferris Bueller

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Good review.

I have a Shield RMS on my Glock 26, smaller, simpler product from the same manufacturer. With 500 rounds in, much preferrable to the more expensive RMRs. It also has a top load battery and better form factor.
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