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Shell Casings Crimped

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New P-3at owner. Fired my new p-3at for the first time today. Really liked it but the shell casings were crimping upon ejection. The gun shop where it was purchased said to call Kel-Tec, called they said that was normal. Just wondered if any one else experinced this. Thanks
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Perfectly normal.
P3AT's eat brass for breakfast, and there is not much you can do about it.

It really matters not, as long as it gets the case out of the way every time, and you don't reload.

But even if you do reload and can find the cases, the sizing die makes them just like new again.

Both my P3ATs do the same. Brass is saved for reloading, which my brother does for me, with no apparent downside.

Take care...
Mines is more like a ding at the mouth that makes it "D" shaped
JFB said:
Mines is more like a ding at the mouth that makes it "D" shaped
Yes, mine are also simular to a "D" shape but thought that is what was ment by "crimping". Maybe not?

Take care...
It is more of a D. Glad to hear that is normal. Thanks for everyone's help.
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