She wants my P3AT

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    Aug 7, 2010
    Hello folks, new guy here. The Bride and I recently got our CCW permits. A friend lent me an assortment for us to shoot to decide what to buy including a PPK, a .38 airweight, an NAA 22 mag, and a Black Widow. The Bride picked out the .38 and I wanted something smaller and lighter for a daily carry. Yesterday I bought a P3AT and a few accessories for myself and a Colt Lightweight Agent .38 for her. When I got home and she started to handle them she changed her tune and wanted the P3AT. I asked why she didn't tell me that after shooting the PPK and she said "that one's a lot lighter". Well ya got me there. So I'll get her outside and run a few rounds through the P3AT this weekend and if the music doesn't change it's back to the gun shop for another. Oh well the Colt will make a nice addition for console or nightstand. :)

    I've been reading a while on this site and already learned a lot. There's a couple of field strip videos on youtube that are helpful also. I'll want to do the buff n fluff after a hundred or so rounds. There's probably some good instructions here somewhere but I have not come across them yet. If someone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.


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    A woman's prerogative for sure.  :-?

    If she doesn't like the recoil of the P3AT, consider the P32.  It is the same platform, very slightly lighter and smaller with a little less of the snappy recoil.  It holds 7 rounds with an available +1 extension and/or 10 rd mag that gives a full grip, and unlike the P3AT, the slide locks back on the last shot.  It's a great little CCW for fairer sex.  They even make a nice hard chromed model engraved with the words "Lady P32" and a pic of  a rose.  Now that might even win you an evening of special treatment.  :)

    Fluff and buff.

    KT Lube Guide:

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    Aug 7, 2010
    Thanks for the link TxCajun. I'll check it out now.

    You make a good point. A .32 in the purse is much prefered to a .380 or .38 in the truck. Not to mention I can use all the points I can get. ;)