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Since I reported my 1st visit was a complete bust, I feel fair to report on my success...

I bot ear plugs to replace my muffs, but use both when using my handguns
I bot offset adapters to mount my scope at 45 degrees, so as to close the rifle...BUT it does not completely close with scope attached. I do have quick disconnects, so that should suffice. I had to reverse the adjustment knobs in my head...since the rifle is not now vertical, the up/down becomes right/left, and the right/left becomes the up/down

I was able to zero it in after making the above mind adjustments.

The bipod will arrive tomorrow, and my 3rd day will be Monday. ALL the above were/will be inside ranges. Thur will be outside, so am anxious to see how things work.

I store the rifle in my laptop case along with the scope seperately, with a pouch for all my mags. My regular range bag will be for ammo and the handguns

SO, all is great at this point. Thanks to those who helped me along this journey.

BTW, the factory did not replace the mcarbo stuff which I can see. I will not open it up to see the inside. The trigger pull is certainly not as light as I would like, but so be it.

Again, thanks
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