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I ran into this rifle at a local gun store today. I was not aware of it previously. It felt pretty nice in the hand. Asking price was $1099 (this store is middle of the road to upper-middle in prices). The rifle was compact, but hefty.

This appears to be Savage's answer to the Ruger Precision Rifle:

Savage BA Stealth:

I might consider getting one, but I'm still holding out to get a hands-on look at the ever-elusive Ruger Precision, which goes for about $100 more than the Savage (but they're impossible to find):

Ruger Precision Rifle:

The Savage bolt looks more standard, easy to remove for cleaning from the breech. The Ruger bolt, I'm sure it comes out, but it's not obvious how in the picture. It also looks like it might be tough to get a cleaning rod into the breech of the Ruger, unless that stock folds away or something.

I don't know why I'm interested in these rifles. They're not "pretty" in the traditional sense. Still, there's something about them that's grabbing my attention.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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