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    Sep 8, 2009
    Hello, KTOGers,

    I finally bought a P3AT--2nd generation, used. the previous owner, a buddy of mine, did not take good meticulous care of it. there was some spots of rust on the slide and the barrel was VERY dirty.

    i tried to remove the rust with '0000' steel wool and blue wonder gun cleaner. i got the rust off, but i also took off a bit of the blueing (rubbbed too hard, i think). i did a quick fluff and buff (did not remove the extractor screw, extractor, firing pin, etc) as well. there was actually rust in the slide rails, but the fluff and buff removed most of it (400 grit sandpaper).

    My problem is with the barrel--i have shined a light inside and i can't tell if it's just tough powder residue or rust inside. has anyone has experience with rust in the barrel? i am thinking about using a brass brush to thoroughly clean it (i use nylon brushes only). has anyone else had problems with rust on the slide?

    furthermore, i'm sure this gun has been dry-fired many times, so i am planning on ordering some button screws (extractor screws) and replacing the current one. Other than that...i should be okay...

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    Nov 29, 2004
    I've never had any rust on any of my Kel Tecs, although I had an old "DUC" .25 auto, the barrel of which was lined with rust when I acquired it. I cleaned it with Hoppes #9 (about 37+ times), and ran an oiled swab through every so often to check. After it ran clean, a visual inspection showed I still had decent rifling. A test-fire yielded fair results, but I attribute the accuracy - lack of, that is - to the loose fit and short barrel. In short, run a brass bore brush through it (about 37+ times) and oil it. Unless it has pitted and affected the rifling, you should have no problems. Just keep it oiled.

    Anyone else? Did I miss anything?

    [edit]Here's one thing I missed:

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    I have 3 Kel-tec pistols and the bores of each have all sorts of chatter marks from the manufacturing process and they all shoot reasonably accurately for their intended purpose. I doubt a little rust pitting would hurt anything. Just clean it, lube properly and wipe it occasionally.
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    Feb 6, 2005
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    That right there will continue to be a problem for as long as you shoot.

    Nylon brushes are good for one thing only, and thats applying copper solvent without it eating the bronze brushes up.

    Clean the snot out of it with a bronze brush and Hoppes #9, and if that don't do it.

    Wrap some of the 0000 Extra Fine steel wool around the brush and do it again.


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    Sep 8, 2009
    thank you, all. i bought a bronze bore brush. it has made a world of a difference.