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In late December, famed firearms photographer Oleg Volk posted a few pictures to his blog after a recent trip to Florida. You see Oleg is the shutterbug responsible for the majority of the images of the firearms seen around Kel Tec\'s website and press releases. The thing is, Oleg blurred out the rifle shown in a self-portrait taken at the time.

(What is that blur all about Oleg?.../Photo credit: Oleg volk)

But it now looks like it\'s out of the bag...

Our forums here have been blowing up with speculation over the past few weeks on these guns. Apparently, there will be at least four new models of centerfire rifles at Kel Tec\'s 2014 Shot Show booth.


Taking a page from their RFB full caliber bullpup rifles released last year, Kel Tec is apparently bringing out a scaled down variant in .223 Remington. Dubbed the RDB, it will have fully ambi controls, and a 17.5-inch barrel (which we guess would give an OAL of 35-ish inches?). A 7.62x39mm and 6.5mm Grendel versions are listed as \'coming\'.

Mentioned clearly on the advert is the fact that these guns will be long-stroke piston rather than direct gas impingement so they will not, um, waste where the eat, so to speak. This could make for a reliable design.

The M43 Keltec-nakov

At the bottom part of the advert, Kel Tec is showing us a weapon billed as the \"M43.\" This nomenclature is off from the company\'s normal practice of \"P\" series numbers for pistols and \"S\" designations for rifles/carbines. Militarily speaking the only thing we can think of that is a M43 is a variant of the German G98 Mauser bolt-action rifle.

However, the gun does look like the experimental Shevchenko Smerch of the 1970s. This experimental 5.45x39mm bullpup was the brainchild of Russian engineer A.V. Shevchenko, but lost out to the Krinkov AKS-74U in service to the Soviet Army.

(The Smerch...)

With the same characteristics as the RDB listed above, it has a very \'industrial\' look too it with Soviet-style plastic forearms, a sheet metal receiver and standard GI 30-round 5.56mm mag. In addition, it also has \'rugged fold down sights\'.

It\'s almost as if Shevchenko his hiding out in Cocoa Beach, after all, it\'s warmer there than in Russia by far.

When will they be here?

Of course, don\'t get your hopes up of having one of these guns in your gun rack anytime real soon. Besides the poster and the redacted images of Oleg, we aren\'t 100% sure these do exist. While the poster touts its availability in .223Rem \'by late 2014\' if the RFB is any indication of supply chain fulfillment, it may be some time yet before these start popping up on Gunbroker or in your local distributor.

On Oleg\'s blog, one of the posters wrote that, \"Kel-Tec makes just enough guns for Oleg Volk to photograph, and no more...\"

Still, we cannot wait to see a few of these new guns up close and personal.


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