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Hey all, not a whole lot of info out there as of yet, so I thought I would give some of my thoughts. I will be ignoring all the obvious (found online) specifications and attributes of this firearm. Just an FYI.

First thing I noticed was how light this was compared to every other revolver (including .22lr) that I have fired. This is one of the primary reasons I purchased this revolver. I figured that with the non-existant recoil of the cartridge, there is no reason to lug around an all steel monstrosity. It doesn't feel like a toy, but its not heavy either.

On the other hand, the trigger is quite heavy. I am going to assume that most/all of this is due to the substantial force required to set off a rimfire primer. I fully expected a rather heavy DA trigger pull, however, the SA trigger pull is really no better. Sure it is a shorter pull (duh) but it is quite heavy. I am not an expert, but all other revolvers I have shot in SA had varying degrees of a "hair trigger". This trigger pull requires a very deliberate pull. I do not own a trigger gauge so that's the best I can do.

A few other things also caught my attention. There is a rattle in the revolver almost constantly. I recall hearing about this in the standard LCR, but don't remember what caused it; at any rate it is in the LCRx as well.

In the few cylinders I shot, I had a shell slip behind the star ejector. I will assume that this will continue to happen somewhat regularly as there was some play in the ejector. To be quite honest this has happened with several of my revolvers from time to time regardless of manufacturer (S&W, Taurus, and now Ruger).

I have not shot for accuracy or adjusted the sights so cannot comment on that yet.

Hope this helps.
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