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Haven't been able to find the handguard picatinny rail: Back-ordered, no ETA ... :(

So, I just printed one to get the RFB setup. :D

Still plan on getting the original part from Kel-Tec but this seems quite sturdy, for now.

Use at own risk. :eek:

Rename the ".stl.txt" to ".stl" for your favorite slicer. I printed in ABS. ABS/PC or PC would probably work. Don't use PLA or other low temp, obviously.

McMaster bolt/screws used:
92005A721 .. 3.5mmx16 pan head (ok, it was what was on the shelf)
90591A100 .. 3.5 nut (again, shelf. Should be nylon-lock but a little blue goes a long way)


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