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Remington 770

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I bought a Remington 770 on sale at Academy for a good price, but I can't remember exactly what I paid. After I bought it, I got overtaken by events and it spend probably a year at least just sitting. I finally got to a range with it last night. I got it zeroed at 25 yards (it took more shots than it should have because I finally realized I was shooting at 25 and not 100 yards and started doing the math correctly to figure out how many "clicks" on the scope-- I am not real familiar with centerfire rifles and scopes.) I got a couple rounds in the black at 100 yards and then my concentration went out. I haven't been shooting in a long time.

I know these get a lot of trash talk on the internet, but if you want a rifle that you want to take to the range once in a while and use to do a little hunting, it seems to be just fine for that. I bought if for deer in Kentucky (and never got out) and want to use it for pigs here in Florida. Since the rifle is not a work of art, getting it out in dense brush and rain isn't going to bother me.

The bolt is a little stiff-- I kind of have to slam it to get it to lock up. The trigger really didn't feel too bad to me, maybe a little heavy, but I'm a guy with a P11. I really like the 7mm-08 caliber, although I haven't hunted with it, I would be pretty comfortable with it except for grizzly or moose.
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One of the guys I work with was given one of these chambered in .308. As this person didn't have any real experience with firearms he asked me to take him along to my next range trip and help him familiarize himself with the gun. I don't think the gun had ever been fired, so we gave it a quick cleaning and a little lube and then fired 4 shots. Not on the paper at 50 yrds. Got out the bore sighter, got the scope lined up better; and fired another 4 rnds. Grouped well, but not on the bull. Couple clicks up and over where it needed to be and we had some bulls-eye action. As we were both shooting, my new gun owner friend more so than my self, I asked to put a group thru it at 100 yrds. I settled it all nicely on the sand bags and did my best trigger control/breathing I could through all 4 rounds. We were using cheap walmart .308 perfecta ammo, nothing sexy at all....I had a lovely 1.3 inch group out there when we walked down and checked the paper. Later when I looked up what these guns run new, I was shocked. Great value( $300 with a scope from wally world?), surprising performance... we had the same sorta sticky/sloppy play bolt with our gun but practice and some grease it did well. I was impressed, not very pretty but effective.
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