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Hello fellow shooters.

I've been lurking for sometime now and finally joined. A lot of great information with people willing to share their experience, excellent.

Okay, now for my problem. I've been handloading and casting my own handgun rounds for decades now. This past week was my 1st attempt at loading for the .380. Below is a list of my components and the problem I am having.

Dies: RCBS steel, not carbide. They are as new and in perfect condition. I washed, dried, inspected all of the brass I had picked up. Various headstamps.

The resizing process goes great, its when I try to flare the case that the problem begins. Once I get the expander die down far enough to flare the case mouth, a bulge shows up about where the bullet base will wind up once it's seated. Some of the bulges measure at .374 and sometimes a tad over, so back to th sizer for those. I have all my brass now sized and the bulge is not over .373 anywhere on the case body. Then I add just enough to flare the case mouth to accept the bullet.

Once I have that accomplished, I crimp with the RCBS die and get it down to .373 on the case mouth. My loaded (dummy rounds thus far) will drop in the barrel fine, but need a little nudge to get them back out when I turn the barrel upside down. I do have the barrel out of the gun to do these measurements, I have been loading .45ACP and 9MM for a many years. I've just never seen such a bottle neck look below the seated bullet.

Is this normal?


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