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Hey yall, I'm still somewhat reluctant to swap out the stock forend for an aftermarket one because, while I know it's not ideal as far as accuracy goes I love the convenience and functionality of the integral bipod. That being said, I love a quad rail and a free float forend would be awesome. I don't like the Kel Tec forend ... too short. I was pretty stoked to find the longer Red Lion forend, but I have two concerns that perhaps some of you have had some experience with. 1) Will the rifle (alpha model) still fold in half properly. 2) Has anyone replaced the alpha front sight with a charlie front sight? I would have to remove my front sight to install the Red Lion forend and I figure ... if I'm taking it off anyway, why not replace it with the more discreet charlie sight since I use a scope or red dot anyway.
Thanks in advance for any advice!
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