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Full disclosure greg tanner , makee of the p17 red dot mount, asked me to try his recoil pad weeks ago.
I am not getting any money from him. I told him when he was ready I would give my review.

I am a recoil wuss. I believe that shooting should be comfortable. You should be able to shoot and go home without pain or bruises.
Both the ksg and ks7 are lacking with the OEM recoil pad. I have purchased the extended kel tec recoil pads and added the Mcarbo slip on to shoot them both. It made for what I thought was the best pad combo to shoot comfortably.

Well I tried Greg's pad thinking we will see if it could make the experience any better. Believe me I was super skeptical.

It mounted the same as the OEM pad. No gaps. The CNC adaptor is slick and well.made. no sharp edges. I thought the limb saver pad alone would not mitigate recoil well.

I was super impressed. It is the best system for absorbing recoil I have tried on the ks7. Nice soft push back.

The final test was to have a new shooter, my uncle try it.
My uncle had tried my ks7 with my old set up months ago. He complained about how it hurt.
I had him try this setup out. He if course didnt want too. After some convincing he did. He had no complaints. In fact he said it was enjoyable. First time he went through 14 rounds instead of one or two.

That's when I was sold.
I can attest to the effectiveness of this system.

Price point is very good compared to buying a kel tec extended pad and a slip on. Especially when it still leaves you feeling like there has to be something better.
Now I dont have to worry.about the slip on moving.
Plus it looks good too.
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