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Several months back, when the first report of recoil springs coming out of 2G P3ATs, I started looking for a washer that would fit into the slide. I found a shoulder washer made out of nylon 6/66 and available in quantities less than 10,000.  It was not exactly what I wanted, but it was a near drop in for mine.  

The guns that were experiencing the damage to the slide’s recoil guide also had the hole in the slide drilled with a tapered bottom.  To make the nylon washer fit with maximum surface contact, the base of the washer had to be filed to match the drill tip angle.

To do the filing, I found the washer fits  a torex T20 bit, spinning slow in a drill takes a few minutes to make the taper.  from outside diameter to inside diamter

My P3AT did not have the penning problem.  Its basic history was;
It had extraction problems in the beginning (first 50 rnds).
I added some buffers to tighten up things and it has been good for the next 500 rnds.  There was a very little bit of raised metal on the upper half of the guide hole.

After adding the insert, I’ve only shoot about 50 rnds in about 10 sessions with no function problem.

Since the insert made my springs go solid just before the slide impacts the frame, my outer spring has one middle coil that is now a little fatter than the rest and the inner is a very slight "S" shape.

Just though I would share this with the group.
I am in NO way implying that the addition of an insert is a fix to a bad slide.  If my slide had damage do to normal use, I too would want it corrected.

click here for some HISTORY

[quote author=JFB  link=1170221542/45#50 date=1170483703]

The dimensions are
a=0.14 ID, the OD of the rod is 0.133
b=0.18 OD, the ID of the outer spring is 0.18
c=0.25 OD, the ID of the slide hole is 0.25
d=0.03, the thickness of the outer spring wire is 0.028,
F= 0.09, that puts 0.06 thickness for the outer spring

The depth of my hole is 0.25”.  The calculated solid stacks of my springs are 0.64 inner and 0.73 outer.  I measured that my slide at full recoil (with hand force) is 0.020” shorter with springs when compared to with out

Chamfer the OD corner so that washer fits flush with milled hole.  I placed the washer on recoil guide and used it to seat the washer in the slide hole.  It is snug and had to be tapped in.    

The outer spring can be installed in the hole and rotated with coils to screw it over the shoulder.  The inner spring and guide are then inserted

When I installed the washer, my slide stopped about 0.06” shorter than with out, but with extra force, I could travel back to same as with out.  This indicates the coils are stacking and then one coil jumping over another.

After 25 rounds, the washer showed no damage, however my perfect outer spring now has one coil expanded in the middle.

A second pack of nylon washers has the outer diameter thickness of 0.030 and the inner shoulder OD height of 0.050”, but the rod ID is undersized (0.115).  With the washers being so small, it is had to hold and hand twist a drill bit through.  After some time, I did run a 1/8” and even wobbled it around, but the hole ID didn’t slide over the rod.  I’ll then used a #29 drill to get the proper fit
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